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  • Hoods, Fenders, Grills, Headlamps, Tail Lamps, and Radiators
  • Overload Kits New automotive parts at Shipman Auto Parts
  • U-Bolts
  • New Springs
  • Timbren Suspension Enhancement System
  • Western Snow Plows, Parts, Accessories, and Service
  • Premium Quality Body Parts
  • Plus Many More......

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

OEM parts from Shipman Auto Parts a Minnesota Automotive RecyclerAn OEM part refers to a automotive part that is made by the same manufacturer as the automotive part you would receive from you local automotive dealer. Believe it or not most automotive manufacturers do not manufacture the parts they use to build their automobiles.


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Most automotive manufacturers use other companies to design and build the parts used in your car. They put those parts in their own boxes and label the boxes with their own logos to make you believe that you are buying a part that was actually manufactured by the automotive manufacturers themselves.

So how do these auto parts become available to you for puchase? After a certain time the original manufacturers of these auto parts are allowed to sell the auto parts to other wholesale distributors for resale. But now they come packaged in a box with the name of the original manufacturer of the part.

An original equipment manufacturer part (OEM) is not an inferior part but its just packaged differently and usually sold up to 60-70 percent cheaper than the dealer originally sold it for. Typically the auto part is identical with the exception of the packaging.

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