Minnesota auto recycling

We help protect the environment by recycling vehicles

Minnesota automotive recyclers help save resources and energy through recycling. They help keep our community streets free of inoperable vehicles, provide employment to area residents, help reduce insurance premiums and pay federal and state taxes.

Minnesota auto recyclers also dispose of hazerdous waste. We dispose of used oils, brakefluids, car batterys, mercury switches, junk tires and freon. Keeping this all out of our lakes and streams.

Sell Us Your Vehicle

Every year Shipman Auto Parts purchases and processes vehicles from insurance companys, auto dealers, and private owners. You can be assured that we will process the title, parts, and dispose of hazerdous waste according to local, state, federal, and industry standards.

If you have a vehicle that is inoperable or no longer needed, just complete the form below. If we are interested in the vehicle we would be glad to evaluate the value and arrange the pick-up if you cannot deliver it yourself. We will reply back as quickly as possible. Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you.

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