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Shipman's has been serving the automotive recycler needs for over 75 years. They have over 50,000 square feet of indoor space to dismantle, inventory, store, and sell automotive and light truck parts.

Our auto parts team can help you find that car or light truck part you are looking for. Our auto parts department and our extensive computerized inventory can provide nationwide parts locating. Our customer service team is well known in the auto salvage industry for its friendly service and great pricing.

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After your purchase our shipping department will make shipping easy and affordable. We offer great rates for shipping and the kind of personal service that only our experienced auto parts shipping team can offer. Because we bring over 75 years of experience we ensure safe, efficient transportation anywhere in the U.S.

We ship daily on UPS, major truck lines and most local carriers. We offer same-day or next day residential or business pickup and quick delivery to anywhere in the U.S. We'll ship auto parts by low cost, freight service. All of our auto parts are properly boxed, crated or palletized, and properly protected prior to shipment. Our low auto parts shipping rates mean you get a better deal, and our personal approach means you get better service.

Call 1-800-892-4779 for a quote. One of our auto parts shipping team members will clearly explain everything. We accept most major credit cards.

Used Auto Parts Terms

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We honor the following return policy.

  • No Returns on Altered, Disassembled or Overheated Auto Parts
  • 20% Restocking Charge on ACCEPTED Returns
  • No Returns on Special Orders or Body Cuts
  • We do not offer a labor guarantee.

We honor the following payment methods.

  • Credit Cards (Master/Visa/Discover)

Auto Parts General Warranty Policy

All parts sold by Shipman Auto Parts are warrantied for ninety (90) days from the day of purchase (unless otherwise stated). In the event of a part failure or incorrect application, a replacement part or refund of purchase price (if a replacement is unavailable) will be issued to the original purchaser. Parts used for any non-stock application will not be covered by this warranty. Shipman Auto Parts will not assume any liability for labor costs or consequential damage due to failure of parts purchased.

Engine Warranty

All engines sold by Shipman Auto Parts are covered by a ninety (90) day replacement warranty (unless otherwise stated). All engines are tested to the best of our ability including test run and compression readings. All engines are guaranteed to perform smoothly without excessive engine noise or excessive oil consumption (unless otherwise noted). Heat tabs are applied to all engines and will melt if engine temperature exceeds 260 degrees. Any engine damage by overheating or inadequate lubrication will not be covered by this warranty. Only the main engine components included within the long block are covered under this warranty. Carburetors, fuel injectors, water pumps, hoses, gaskets, ignition components, etc... will not be covered by this warranty. All engines must be installed by a properly trained technician. It is the responsibility of the installer to properly flush the oil cooler and lines, transfer needed parts, replace any seals or gaskets which may cause leakage, and replace all fluids and filters. It is very important that the intake gaskets are replaced before installation of the engine or warranty will be voided. Any engine warranty claim must be made with the warranty period while the engine is still in the vehicle. Failure to comply with any of the above will void the warranty.

Powertrain Warranty

All drivetrain components such as transmissions, axle assemblies, transfer cases, drive axles, etc... sold by Shipman Auto Parts are covered by a 90 day replacement warranty (unless otherwise stated). All transmissions are tested to the best of our ability and are guaranteed to perform smoothly without excessive noise or vibration (unless otherwise noted). ALL FLUIDS ARE DRAINED AND FILTERS REMOVED FROM THE TRANSMISSION BEFORE BEING SOLD. Transmission must be installed by a properly trained automotive technician. New filters, pan gaskets, input and output shaft seals and refilling with proper fluids are the responsibility of the installer. All transmission lines and coolers must be replaced or flushed by a certified transmission or repair center. SPRAY CAN CLEANERS AND POWER FLUSH DO NO WORK AND WILL VOID WARRANTY OF TRANSMISSIONS. If required, reprogram the vehicles' computer to ensure proper operation of the transmission. All transmission claims must be made within the warranty period and while transmission is still in the vehicle. Failure to comply with any of the above will void warranty.

Electronic Part Warranty

All electrical parts sold by Shipman Auto Parts are guaranteed to be good when removed from vehicle. WE DO NOT SELL ELECTRONIC PARTS FOR DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES. No return on electronic parts.


All returns must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. The original invoice must accompany all returns. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. No refunds on body cuts or custom prepared parts. No returns on parts $20 or less removed from yard. Pre-paid special order parts are non-refundable. All parts returned must be in the same condition, complete, and undamaged. No refunds on freight or shipping charges. Refunds will be in compliance with the original receipt. No refund will be issued until the customers payment has been deposited into Shipman Auto Parts account and has cleared.

Core Returns

SUBMITTED CORES ARE NOT SAVED. IF AN ITEM IS RETURNED, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THERE IS NO CORE. WE WILL TRY TO RETRIEVE BUT ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO RETURN. All cores must be returned complete as sold in order to receive credit. All cores must be drained of all fluids to receive FULL core credit. All cores must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Broken or damaged cores may be subject to an adjustment of the deposit. All costs involved to return the core are the responsibility of the customer. Engines must turn over a full revolution to be a good core.

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It is our goal to serve the auto parts needs of our customers. Our vision is to continue to be an auto recycling business dedicated to establishing lifelong customer relationships by delivering superior value and providing exceptional customer service. With our care, your vehicle gets the parts it needs from the people who know it best. Don’t take chances by going anywhere else.